Hello! This is less about me and more about my moms symptoms, that is likely I may develop. My mom has a TON of allergies, abnormal ones too. Off the top of my head she has : soy, peanuts, carrots, nickel, bananas, coconuts, seasonal (pollen and all sorts of environmental ones), and other random things that can cause major bowel issues, The ones I listed caused like hives and vertigo or extreme pain in the abdomen, she never has had anaphylactic shock, and it all started in college when she went fasting while on antibiotics (which she fully regrets since that can cause so many issues anyways, and it gave her hives then). I don’t have any known allergies but have begun to notice some diarrhea with certain foods (mainly blue dye 1, in blue gatorade and any blue colored sugary drink or candy, which has bothered me since I was a kid!) and one allergic reaction with hives when I was a kid when I took some sort of sleep medicine made for kids. Both of my two older sisters had a major allergic reaction in their freshman year of college, one had a type of atopic dermatitis or something where the touch of something could cause a hive. I don’t know the specifics of my other sister but she had some medical issues in college especially as a freshman. I am actually going to be 18 as I go into college (my sisters both had graduated high school at 17, I will have been 18 for a few months by then) and my guess is that both stress of a new world caused issues and the new environment exposed to new things could cause allergies. I just want to know your experience with allergies? Most of my moms allergies occurred while she was pregnant (which is usual since the immune system is a bit more vulnerable) and a lot of the “allergies” are more sensitivities that cause pain. I keep saying that she should test for MCAS (she agrees). We both have diagnosed EDS and MCAS can happen in it. Our EDS type is undecided, even though the docs say hypermobility, we have variants of unknown significance for a vEDS causing and a spondylodysplastic type. The geneticist didn’t tell us about what it meant, and didn’t even go back to reassess on their “hypermobility spectrum disorder” diagnosis.

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Abdominal Distention

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