My mom told me that I can just wake up in the mornings and chose to be happy, how can I get past this without going off on her?


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  • me3mae


    My first reaction is to laugh, because 1) that's a dumb thing to say and 2) my mom pretty much tells me the same thing. I feel hurt by her lack of understanding and sometimes I try to explain that it is not how mental health works, which she should know as she has been in therapy for over ten years and on mental health meds. It does make me feel lonely and isolated. But ultimately I have to end up letting it go.

  • Diogenes


    Honestly there isn't much you can do to change her mind if she isn't receptive. My mom says similar things and I just have accepted that she means well but ultimately she lacks the necessary understanding. If at some point she realizes she knows less than she thinks she does, that's when you can start informing her about your condition more.

  • olivia2628


    I completely relate to this. No one in my family understands the struggle people with anxiety and depression go through on the daily. I have been ignoring everyone who doesn’t take the time to understand. What is keeping me going is moving out as soon as I can :)

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