Just trying to meet people like me! 33YO female with 2 young sons and a husband. Cushings hit me hard but on the path to better.

Cushing's Syndrome

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  • Dreamer22


    Hi 🤗 I’m a 23 y/o student in college. Got Cushing out of nowhere. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst…

  • Jewel36


    Hello. I am 35yo 2 children and a husband as well. Diagnosed in Aug 2021. Surgery in Oct 2021. Doing not so well since.

  • trinia


    Hi I'm 47 and newly diagnosed as well. I meet with a surgeon next week for a consult after atch came back low with high cortisal and meph. I think this has-been brewing for about 4 years as it was written off as menopause and multiple sclerosis... all the symptoms where there and I recieved an mri every 3 months for my ms. They saw the masses 6 myths prior to me knowing and after all the labs and urine here we are looking at surgery...

  • joyski


    I am 43. I was diagnosed with Cushing's at 14. I had a tumor removed from my pituitary gland. I had a recurrence at 25. That time they removed 75% of my pituitary as well.

  • Mertle


    Pretty sure that my Cushing's symptoms started about 9 years ago, but thought I just need to diet, exercise, and see a therapist for my depression and anxiety, but a year and a half ago a friend asked if I had ever been diagnosed with Cushing's. I said no and then looked it up and realized that I had the majority of the symptoms so I started the long process of getting my Chushing's diagnosis and eventually having pituitary surgery a month ago. So far things have gone pretty well, but I'm feeling lucky because I know other people have had a hard time with it.

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