How long has it been for you to finally have a good medical care team?

Intracranial Injury

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  • Rainshine


    Three years 🙌

  • Donut


    Four years—it took that long for me to realize there’s cars that goes beyond doctors just wanting to write me prescriptions.

  • Donut


    Oops! I meant write care, not cars. 😥

  • GorgeousGeorgie666


    It took a little, but I've amassed quite the team! It consists of a neurologist and psychiatrist, both of which have been practicing for longer than I've been alive. Don't mess with doctors that are fresh out of med school. They're too scared to try new options and the last idiot wanted to abruptly stop my Focalin over the course of a few months! It doesn't work that way. Drugs aren't the answer, but they sure as hell are 50% of the solution, or more.

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