Hi everyone! Anyone else take Dupixent?? I take it for eosinophilic esophagitis, but even if you take it for something else I’m curious if you have any side effects? My joints are killing me and I’m wondering if it gets better. I’ve also been freaking myself out the past couple times while injecting (dizzy, sweaty, nauseous.. i do it slow so it’s not too painful, I think I just think about it too much and get grossed out) and I have to give it to myself today and I’m DREADING it. Any tips for self injecting for the squeamish? Thanks in advance, much love to everyone (:



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    I don't self inject it yet, I don't really notice any side effects... But I do have joint pain but I've heard joint pain itself is kinda common for EoE, and there's also other reason I may have joint pain lmao. Where do you inject usually? I am scared for when I start doing it myself, but when I go to the doc office to get it done its usually only in my left arm and it's not tooooo bad, but I heard the thigh might be easier, less painful and can be "quicker".

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      how long have you been doing it? The first couple they did in office in my arm then I started doing it myself and tried both thighs and stomach to see which I preferred and I think I prefer thigh a tiny bit. I still, no matter what, rotate in a circle (right thigh, right belly, left belly, left thigh then repeat) so that each spot has time to heal. I’ve noticed if you do the same spot every week it starts to get painful in that area. I suggest using the syringe and not the pen so you can inject it reallyyyyyy slowly (the slower the better, if you go fast it’s painful) and take the medicine out of the fridge an hour before injecting so it warms to room temp. I also noticed that icing the spot before and after helps with the pain a little but really helps with hives and swelling at injection site. I would try the first one by yourself (do it with them watching you in office) in your upper thigh. Get the chunkiest part and if it starts to sting just slow down. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome too so I’m sure that’s why my joint pain is so bad but I just hope I don’t have to stop it because the pain is so bad when I walk. It’s helping me swallow already!! But i also feel like I’ve had a head cold since starting it?? Like it’s made my allergies worse around my face. Let me know how it goes for you!!! You’re the first person I’ve talked to that’s also taking it for EoE! Once a week I’m assuming too?

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        Btw it might be smart to do one in the thigh in office and go back and do another in office in your stomach so you can see which you prefer and know you are doing to properly, if you ever decide you want to switch it up at home. Best of luck!

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