does anyone else feel like they use soda as a coping mechanism? like when you’re sad or anxious you really wanna drink soda and then you feel just a little better? or am i describing an addiction😭

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  • Hannah_6


    Sure I drink Fanta or water to calm me down. It helps with blood sugar and anxiety problems for me. I avoid caffeine normally. Like I only have like Dr. Pepper small and like a small Frappe Mocha wasn't too bad the other day when I was closing.

  • JeanaGriz


    I do, I think I'm addicted to soda, coke cola, or Pepsi. I have to drink one in every meal which is becoming very bad for my health, especially my weight but it does feel good to drink coke cola after work. So, yeah I'm right there with you.

  • BombLion


    I definitely have a bit of a caffeine addiction fueled by Dr Pepper

  • Piper11


    I'm not addicted to soda itself but I'm super addicted to caffeine which is really frustrating, I know it's not necessarily the worst of addictions but it's still an addiction and it sucks having a can of liquid control your life/ your mood. Have you tried flavored sparkling water? I'm not a fan of sparkling water because it tastes weird, but I am a huge fan of the "Clear American" brand that you kind find at Walmart. They have different flavors and it dosent taste like water whatsoever, I'd definitely recommend that to wean a little off of Soda :)

  • Sharph


    I always drink pop. Mainly root beer and I do think its a coping mechanism

  • History.and.cats


    They definitely calm me down, I have a lot of sensory issues and the carbonation is a good sensation so it is a win

  • rabbithearted


    This last cycle I had an anxiety attack during work and called my mom. She said I should drink a soda, that I needed some unhealthy sugar in my system 😆 word for word, so it's not the healthiest admittedly, but drinking something sweet is refreshing for me and something to look forward to even a week before the cycle begins.

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