I feel as if my symptoms on BPD are progressing, I’m not on any medication, is there anyway to tell that they are or ways to cope without medicine?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Atlanta


    From what most of my doctors have told me, therapy is one of the most powerful treatments for BPD! I know I have benefited sooooo much from therapy and couldn’t recommend it more - I’d say find a therapist you trust first, they’ll be most likely able to help :)

  • funbuns420


    Breathing exercises and practicing mindfulness. I have ADD and BPD so it is really hard but I've noticed those two things help out tremendously. Download an app like Finch. It's a self help app that is super cute and has lots of different exercises (journaling, breathe work, stretches) I hope this helps!

  • arrow96


    dbt is proven to help folks with bpd! i’m currently in the process of getting into a local dbt program but there are individual therapists that specialize in it that you can look for

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