Recently my health had declined and I’ve been having a bad flare up. The worst flare up I’ve had. I feel terribly tired and any time I stand and walk I feel like I’m running a marathon. Even sitting up can be tiring.
I am not good at communicating my pain because it’s invisible. I’m not sure how to explain how much I’m struggling. I need help on how to approach the situation with friends/family. Also I may need to bring up the idea of a mobility aid to my mother.
Along with this, when I get ready to express myself, I get terrible imposter syndrome and feel like I am being dramatic or seeking attention.
Anything helps really 🤍

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

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  • Faye69


    I can't say I completely understand as I've never been through this before but if you need to talk I am here

  • Javen


    I have nad anxiety with suggesting things and the though of bringing up mobility aids for bad days has always terrified me. I've been doubted so much by family members that I feel like I'm faking and am not really doing that bad. Its really hard and because anxiety sucks I've yet to get to a point of less self doubt. I'm trying super hard to advocate for myself but honestly I have an easier time telling strangers what I need rather than family members.

    • Emrys.the.warrior


      Hey, since this post I have gotten forearm crutches it has been so helpful. It was very stressful and the conversation involved some tears but I’m glad I did it. It might be rough but I totally think you can do it. My mother had some rude comments and she nearly convinced me I’d be embarrassing to be around. But when I started using them, no one really cared. And some of my friends were super supportive. It’s a hard step but worth it. I even decorated mine to help me feel more comfortable : ) Maybe try to talk about it with some trusted friends. That’s what I did. They can helped me build up the courage. Good luck, you can do it 🤍

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