I’m done I’m too tired.



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  • CaptainHolmes


    (((Hug))) Rest if you need to, but don't quit. You are loved and people are here for you.

  • Heatherbee


    My life sucks when I'm not on the right med, and it's actually pretty good when I am. Try fluvoxamine (Luvox). It makes a world of a difference with my depression and anxiety but it's usually prescribed for OCD. And it works pretty quickly, you might feel better within a day or two. Last time I went back on it I went from miserable and hating my life to dancing in the car four hours after I took it. I was off it for pregnancy and my anxiety was a mess, and once I started feeling like I wished I didn't have kids so I could just kill myself, then I was like "nope" and went back on my pills, and it was such a relief. Fluvoxamine is the only one that works for me, but it makes a world of a difference.

  • FeelsBadMan


    please dont give up !! im sure you're important and loved, please always remember that. breathe and think nice thoughts, theres beauty in the world that has yet to fully blossom just live for now and everything will be restored in the very near future 💚💛💙

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