Has Wellbutrin alone worked well for anybody’s Adhd, anxiety and depression? Right now I just take adderall and it seems to help my focus but I am still dealing with anxiety and depression. Was wondering if switching to Wellbutrin would work better for me.

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  • HoneybeeBunny


    I take it for anxiety and depression paired with zoloft to help more with the anxiety. I would talk with your doc about adding in something for your depression and anxiety along with your adhd meds. Adhd meds won't help much with anxiety or depression and welbutrin alone won't help with adhd.

  • HippieGarbage


    I take Wellbutrin to help with anxiety & depression. Honestly it's made things worse for me. (Not to say that it won't help you, but it's just not for me)

  • justme9903


    It's helped me with anxiety and depression, I'm currently pregnant and that's the only medication I was kept on. As for ADHD, I haven't noticed it really helping

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