I have suffered from depression for a while but it never reaches to this level. A few months back I got the news that my long term ex boyfriend was cheating on me with a bunch of girls. It was a long distance relationship so it took me a while to figure it out. After I broke up with him I felt embarrassed and stupid knowing that I was cheated on. I never expressed my disappointment and anger on him. It is too late now to tell him anything cause he got into another relationship days after that. I know he never cared but now I feel so empty. I think I lost hope in any future relationship. Maybe all of this happened because I was a burden to him while I was struggling with depressive episodes. I want to know how to move on completely and never look back at it. My anxiety and depression have become worse during the past weeks for a lot of reasons but a huge chunk is mainly because of this. I want to let go and have hope for the future but I can’t. What do I do?


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  • an.sophia


    I know this might not be what you want to hear but you could try forgetting about relationships and working on your own happiness for a while. Something that hard can take a toll on your self esteem and it could help to stop looking at yourself from the perspective of a potential lover and more from your perspective.

  • Cece7


    I would recommend buying a journal and start writing down how you’re feeling everyday. I did this after my ex husband cheated on me and there were days I felt like I’d never find someone who would treat me well. I find it funny now looking back because I had an entry the week before I met my now current husband that said something about how I didn’t think I’d ever meet a guy who would treat me well or love me and little did I know just a week later I would find one. Life is unpredictable. Take some time to heal and find things that you love to do. Fall in love with yourself. Someday you’ll find someone who truly loves you but until then find a way to enjoy life without that person in your life!

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