I am in a pretty stable recovery in my anorexia but there is just something about Thanksgiving that makes me so petrified. I’m convinced in my anxious brain that I’m gonna gain even though I know that isn’t factual


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  • Sayde


    Thanksgiving is the only time you can binge eat with no excuse and no one will notice. I would consume all I can and then drink some water. I would just eat and if you do gain a little, remember everyone is thankful for you and you are perfect just the way you are. Anorexia is very hard to deal with on this occasion but just dont think about weight. Think about happy thoughts and what you are thankful for. Dont let an eating disorder change this important holiday.

  • mermaidap


    thanksgiving is over but for next year: remember that unless you want it to be a big day of eating, it doesn’t have to. intuitive eating has become my bff on thanksgiving. i know that i can’t emotionally handle that ultra stuffed feeling, so i take a portion of food that equates to a regular meal. i’ve found that i can have a little of everything i want without feeling like i’m missing out or my ed brain feeling like i’ve destroyed everything. it keeps me comfortable. some people might say i should challenge that and try to eat until i feel really full, but this works for me for now. recovery is so personal, choose what’s right for you as long as it’s not restriction!!

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