How many psychiatrist have y’all seen until y’all found one you like? I’m on my fourth one and I can already sense I might want to switch. It’s been 11 months and still haven’t found an antidepressant that works, only because my psychiatrists wanted to go through every SSRI and SNRI which takes forever. Only medication that works is Klonopin, which I don’t get prescribed anymore because my new psychiatrists say it’s addictive even though I’ve been taking it for 6 months, lowest dose, and no dose change!

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Klonopin • Type: Oral


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  • Remyy


    im on my fifth right now and i feel like ive found someone who works finally. it takes a while sometimes but i think as long as you keep searching youll find someone who works soon enough!

    • Onefortheroad23


      yah that’s what I’ve noticed in life. If you keep searching for something you’ll eventually find it. It’s just annoying how every psychiatrist is so different in what medications they feel comfortable to prescribe

  • Littlecarneg20


    I think it’s more about the way you can get help. The way I got my help was in a school that helped kids like me who needed extra support. The environment was peaceful and it was a big change for me which I wasn’t used to but the staff was very welcoming. You need to surround yourself with ppl who can respect you. And do it as often as you can so you finally have find yourself. Just surround yourself with ppl you can trust as often as you can almost everywhere you go. A therapist isn’t gonna help you out with everything. You need to change everything in your life so that YOU can change as well.

  • Metal


    I was so lucky to get someone I was super comfortable with the first time through, but since I moved states I'll have to find someone new which is kinda sad but its comforting to know it'd not always gonna be a perfect fit on the first try

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