I was taking 100mg of Zoloft for around 7 years, and recently weaned off and started a new medication - Cymbalta. Did anyone find that they had excessive weight gain while on Zoloft? Any tips for losing weight?


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  • Plunetz


    I gained a lot of weight on Zoloft too I no tips sorry

  • Ninalynn05


    I never gained weight on Zoloft, but I found that I started gaining weight on Prozac and I just try to drink a lot of water and do light exercises .

  • BananaBrains


    I gained a lot of weight while taking Zoloft. I can't say whether the medication was contributing or not. I was able to lose the weight after having my daughter. I did a mix of intermittent fasting and smaller portion sizes. I've kept most of the weight off for a couple years. I went from a size 14 down to a size 4/6. (I am a petite person.)

  • Sunshine.Moondust


    I’m on Zoloft, I haven’t gained weight but I’ve struggled to lose weight while taking it.

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