What best beats the nausea for you? For me: ginger beer, zofran, ginger chews, sleep, and acupuncture.

Nausea and Vomiting


Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

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  • ChronicWitch2.0


    I use to get really bad nausea everyday, especially for the first few hours I’m awake. I use to throw up like one to three times every day. I take unisom and vitamin B6 everyday and it’s so much better now. Unisom and B6 help with nausea with pregnant people, but sometimes it helps others too.

  • Kendoll


    Personally i use medical marijuana and CBD :)) newer research looks like its pointing towards it actually making nausea worse in the long run, but ive already been using it so long. Im looking forward to other replies so maybe i can look into using something else

  • ChronicallyChaotic


    Preggie pops and delta 8

  • bojanglesbiscuit


    Zofran. If Zofran doesn’t work, then Xanax and cold water

  • moondragon


    Bi tapps, Vistaril, Hot Lemon water +honey, cool cloth (paper towel or wash cloth soaked in cold water) on my face or back of neck. Vitamin B

  • Jaspernoooo


    Marijuana and deep breathing out of everything I've tried!

  • bomb


    sleep, if i’m unconscious i’m not nauseous

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