Does anyone else with EDS have hip dysplasia? I need advice on how to help manage the pain because my doctor isn’t the best right now

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • AstridAsh


    Hip braces have saved me during long days on my feet. It also helps keep them aligned when I sleep. Although they aren’t the most fashionable I highly recommend. I got mine off Amazon. I also massage my hips it hurts at first but over time eases pain. Hope you find some relief soon

  • UselessBagOfMeat


    Sit on cushions!! I carry a cushion around with me. I don’t even care if I look weird. It goes with me to Dr appointments or just in my car. Less pain while sitting.

  • Mj_and_Otis


    I had hip displaysia and it was so severe I ended up having a periacetabular osteotemy on it. It was extremely painful, but 2 years later my hip is doing better than it was with the displaysia.

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