I get super anxious when thinking about my ex. And i’ve been super good
with forgetting him but as of recent i cant stop thinking about what went wrong. His name is enough to make a chill go down my spine. And tips to try to ground myself? or even stories about after a breakup so i don’t feel as alone? it’s been almost a year and yet i’m still not over them.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • XanderiaJune


    While I was in therapy, I was taught a lot of different grounding exercises. For instance, you can try recognizing what you feel. So when you say you felt the chills go down your spine, you can also think about your feet, your legs, you heart beat, your hands, and so much more. Think of what caused the feelings and why you would react that way.

  • YanyLaurel


    The only person who truly knew me and cared about me and I loved him, he just ghosted me one day (on my birthday actually) in 2011 and I had a really hard time getting over him until one day my friend said "just force yourself to stop thinking about him". Something that helps me stop thoughts, that my past therapist taught me, is to pretend you have a TV remote and when you get on that "channel" make a static sound like a "STstCCH" sound in your head (or out loud) and "change the channel" to something else, like what you'll have for lunch or, a cute puppy, or your favorite book, or literally anything else. It helped me with intrusive thoughts in 2019

  • bugger


    Sometimes I still feel guilty about how things ended with my last relationship. I talked to my therapist about all of the details and events that occurred and she told me that I was in the right. After a little while, I took down all of the pictures and notes that I had up from him or things we did together. I threw everything in a box so I couldn't see it or be reminded of him. And when a few weeks went by, I realized that I hadn't thought about him once because I finally felt at peace. It's okay to allow yourself space to breathe, and I think that's something that we all need to remember. We don't NEED anyone to make ourselves feel happy. You let people have the privilege to be in your life when you WANT them there.

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