I’ve been starting pointless arguments with my bf again.. idk what to do or how to control my temper. I’m seeing a therapist, but I haven’t talked more about this with them. I’m just tired of being the reason why we argue.. and I know my bf’s tired too. Any advice?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • mmm


    I can't be of much help since this is something I still struggle with as well but it may be helpful to look into dialectical behavior therapy if you haven't already. I've been looking at but there should be other resources if you just Google dbt!

  • T02


    Oof i get that. Been going through it too recently. Have things been peaceful with him other than the arguments? Is there anything exciting happening other than them? Its common for us BPD folk to get on edge when theres no chaos in a relationship. We are so used to it that when it stops, when theres no more intense emotion events happening, we get kinda bored and need something to happen Not sure how to fix it yet, but if you catch yourself feeling bored/looking for things to fight about, try redirecting that energy into something else, like a hobby youre REALLY passionate about or learning new stuff etc I hope that makes sense lol

    • Amayaraaain


      it does! lol thank you! & yes other than the minor arguments we’ve been good

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