How do you cope with people minimizing your personality to mental illness? I'm bipolar so that obviously affects the way I interact with people sometimes, but it's so tiring when people think that me being passionate or heated about something is purely me being manic when a lot of the time it's not

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  • Kiiroitori


    I honestly don't have any advice :( but I can tell you you're definitely not alone! I'm not bipolar but my dx is also a stigmatized one and I face exactly the same thing (others making assumptions)

  • Ellen


    It's makes me so angry! I can really relate to this situation. I'm bipolar also but I have so many more things going on beside it. We are unique and complex, no matter what "label" we have. When people talk in that way it make me feel so small.. Usually I joke around and say things like "it's not that simple" or "you are not my shrink". But honestly I just don't have the courage to say how much it bothers me seriously.

  • Carolshine


    I can relate to this sooo much. I have BPD and so I feel every single emotion very intensely. I’ve honestly had to cut a lot of people off due to the judgement. Also remember that you don’t have to tell anyone anything. Of course we want to tell the people that we’re closest to. Mainly for me so that they can understand that I am in pain and sometimes react in a way that they don’t understand. With those two things being said, it’s important for them to be informed of how the disorder effects you specifically. It’s unfair for them to judge you based on a diagnosis.

  • MarinaV


    OMG you described how I feel everyday and how people assume how I am. my last friend didn’t understand why I would get emotional about whatever and acted like I could snap out of my moods. I relate so much

  • SunInABottle


    You deserve to be recognized as the unique human experience that you are and be appreciated for it ❤️

  • RionWilde


    That's an issue I have often, I'll be upset or excited and people totally ruin my mood. "Did you take your meds?" It honestly makes me sad. We are allowed to have emotions.

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