Does anyone else experience debilitating stomach pain? I think a lot of doctors say most of us don’t but I experience so much pain especially during a flare

Generalized pain

Atrophic Gastritis

Chronic Generalized pain

Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)

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  • Purple_Turtle


    YES! They always say, autoimmune gastritis doesn’t cause pain. BUT IT SURE DOES FOR ME!

  • thedino


    I also experience a lot of pain when it flares up but I usually use a heating pad to help for some reason warmth helps in my opinion

  • sunshinelover34


    ✋ I do. My mom says to just go do stuff because I'm going to be in pain if I'm at home or I am out and about. I always say I don't even want to be out if I'm in pain though. I just want to be where I am comfy in a ball.

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