What have you found has helped you level out and be present and functional the most other than medication?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Kelpy


    Practicing meditation, yoga, stress reduction, self compassion (don’t beat yourself up for things you can’t control)

  • TheAceDetective


    Having a routine. Writing things down and leaving the notes where I can see so I don’t forget. Exercise helps me burn excess physical and mental energy to calm me into better focus

  • Loocifer


    Weed. Gets me grounded in my body and out of my head!

  • Sydie_Bear


    A routine, weed, also my biggest help was using the flora app for quick dopamine for doing chores, and a big elementary school style board with everything I need to do. I also have a visual task board for “opening and closing tasks”, the things I need to get done in the start of my day and what needs done at night. Picking one or two a day helps me not get burned out or overwhelmed too!

  • dozlolz


    something I recently started doing is trying to focus on my breath at all times, since having something to focus on takes you out of your own head. i’ll focus on taking deep breaths, how the breaths feel, how the breaths make ME feel, without beating myself up when i inevitably lose focus on it since it’s hard to maintain for long periods of time when you’re simultaneously going about other things in your day. but it really does lessen the fast paced thoughts so you can put more attention towards your to-do lists (if you make those)

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