Hi, I’m just hoping for some support because I’m feeling bad, not necessarily advice haha. But my roommates started hanging out without me and purposely not inviting me, when we all used to be friends. And one of them I new like 6 months longer than they’ve know each other which was only since January. We were super close. I told her that it really hurt my feelings and it did not go well. It’s just giving me anxiety and some physical symptoms too :( it made me really sad at first, but I just want to comfortable in my own home not anxious :/

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • BoogyWoogy


    You need to go for a walk and breathe in for two steps, out for two steps. If you find yourself not getting enough air, you can either suck in more air during 1 and 2. Although I would recommend that you walk faster, as exercise helps with the chemicals that calm anxiety.

  • Shepard


    That sounds super rough. I've definitely been in the other side of that situation, where I was the one who unintentionally broke apart others friendships. I'm so sorry that it did not go well when you tried to talk to them about it; I've always made an effort to be more inclusive when someone has brought my attention to my mistake. Have you talked to all of them about it, or just the one?

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