Hello👋🏼 I’m Wildflower🌼 and I’ve been experience some form of GAD probably my whole life, but in the past 5 years I’ve gone through some periods where my anxiety symptoms just take total control. This happens to be one of those times… Just looking to discuss experiences with anxiety,treatments that have worked for others, and general support :)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Blue_Butterfly


    I resorted to medications to help with mine and even then, sometimes I have my bad days. My best tips are setting boundaries and specific times for centering and relaxing before doing a task. It’s also easy to trick the anxious brain into doing things even if it feels so difficult. Because anxiety has a lot to do with executive functioning, we worry about tasks that feel like they have many steps, so break it down. Start with the first step of each task (I.e. you need to put laundry away? Just start by opening the dryer. Then take out one piece of clothing. Fold it, or if you really truly can’t, then stop it altogether. Go back to the grounding exercises.) You should see though, that by breaking it down by tasks, it’s really easy to get things done because you’ve tricked that silly anxious brain.

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