How do you deal with isolation?
I have very few, if any, people in my life who can empathise with my experiences with being disabled, and while i feel like making friends that are accepting would ultimately be the most helpful, seeing as that’s not possible for me right now… any advice?

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  • BrokenPotato


    I’m in the exact same position. It’s hard to meet people going through similar that can actually understand us. I just have to centre myself around family that are loving and don’t say the wrong things (like 2 people😂) other people in my family say mean things and don’t realise so I keep my distance when I need to. Also this app helps me a lot, it’s nice to talk to people online that get me. If you ever want to chat I’m here ☺️💗

  • BrokenPotato


    I also prefer my own company most of the time anyway, I find other things to do to occupy my mind 💕

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