Does anyone struggle with managing brain fog? Would love to know your tips!

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  • Messymexi


    Ever since getting covid, my brain fog has been so bad! I've tried to start repeating things I'm doing out loud so I can hear it outside of my head and it kinda helps me remember what Im doing. I've also downloaded like journalling apps to help keep track of things I forget like what level my pain was at on a certain day.

  • bumblingbee


    For me I realize my issue a lot of times is sleep. Dont be sleep deprived but also dont sleep too much! Get that perfect 8 hours. I also drink cold water throughout the day. kind of snaps me out of whatever haze im always in

  • Ashleyphoenix


    I also get brain fog, it sucks! I have been trying to learn what helps me. It seems sleep, eating nutritious foods, and having enough mental de-stress time helps. Recently I have started journaling and that seems to help me feel a little more clear headed at times. Definitely still a work in progress though

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