What is the best mobility aid for POTS? I’ve used a cane and wheelchair intermittently. When I don’t use a mobility aid I feel very dizzy, unstable and bump into things everywhere. What mobility aid will make me feel most independent and capable of moving around? Cane and wheelchair are both ok but present their own problems


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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I personally love my wheelchair but you quickly find out how accessible (or not) things are. I tend it helps the most with dizziness and stability. Maybe a walker with a seat could be a good in-between option. So you can walk and sit when needed to rest or sit when dizzy to wait for that to ease.

  • gcankrom


    i feel like it varies so much depending on the person, but if you haven’t tried a walker with a seat they are great because they allow for more independence, but also the ability to sit down if you need it! forearm crutches are good too because they give you something to lean on when you’re dizzy. there’s always pros and cons with mobility aids, especially since we live in such an inaccessible world. the hardest part is finding the confidence to use them in public without feeling judged all the time. soooo many people stare, but i have to remind myself that they don’t understand what it’s like to have a disability and therefore they are fascinated by it. you can always wrap fairy lights or ivy around your walker and make it feel more like an extension of yourself rather than a bulky medical aid! turning medical things into a creative way to express yourself (instead of a reminder of your disability) helps you feel more confident!! 🤗 stickers and washi tape are always super fun to use too. i wish you the best of luck and i'm sending so many good vibes your way.🪴💗

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