I hate that I have social anxiety. I feel so defeated when I get rejected and like I’m not good enough.

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  • Man_Of_The_Forest


    I don’t feel like it’s all about being rational either. It sometimes is about pushing through the mindset that you’re thoughts place around the situation. I will say though that emotionally it can feel physically draining after you push through. I have the same troubles believe me and it is definitely about sometimes forcing yourself through the experience to acclimate and become more normal for you.

    • Foodsnob


      that’s my problem, I feel like I’m constantly trying to push through and work on those obstacles in my head to separate any irrational thoughts and I don’t feel validated that I am trying hard to push through those negatives thoughts. It’s been getting more and more draining being around people, but I still battle with the loneliness.

  • bbuzz4


    Me too! I'm so lonely

  • FangedFairy


    Do you take time to validate yourself? Words of affirmation, a relaxing physical experience like tea and a bath, taking a temporary break from social activities.. it's important to give yourself that acknowledgement that you stepped outside your comfort zone because you /chose/ to and you're proud of yourself (even if it feels like you aren't at first).

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