I’m feeling Hopeless at this point l
Need some advice. I’m a nursing student struggling to find any motivation to do anything.


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  • Willb


    Try studying/ writing notes about nursing. Studying always helped me feel better when I was getting my EMT license. Throwing myself into something I enjoy usually helps me when I am in a dark place. Once you start seeing patients and actively helping others you will see and feel how rewarding it can be.

  • Sunflora


    Do you have accommodations through your university? I personally have extended time on assignments for when i feel like this so that I can really throw myself into self-care and coping skills to get out of depressive episodes and get back to productivity as successfully as possible

  • Willb


    I didn't. My university was very difficult to navigate. I was having seizures weekly, and when I went to the disability office, they told me that people who can't walk come in everyday (in a snarky way acting like I was completely fine). I said they obviously know nothing about disability and got some bad grades on occasion because they would not accommodate me.

  • Soundthesirens


    I feel the same way, paramedic student here 😅

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