I am afraid to try medication so how do deal with trying new meds or what do you tell yourself when you consider trying something new?



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  • CharlieHart


    That makes sense. Have you tried any? I’ve tried a lot and I will admit several have not been what I needed.

  • Plumbellina


    I really would rather not take medications at all. However, I do feel that lithium and lamictal significantly help regulate my bipolar and borderline mood swings and keep me stable. I’ve been taking them both for over a decade. Whenever I try to wean myself off them I end up remembering why I started taking them in the first place. Oh also I take the generic for Prozac.

  • WhatADay


    Your honesty is refreshing @CharlieHart & @Plumbellina I appreciate you sharing your specific meds & conditions. I have tried three meds in the past and I did have a bad reaction to one of them so as I reply right now I am realizing my fear is coming from “what if my brain or body hate something new” - only one way to find out right! I can either keep living in some level of misery with the ways I behave/feel/the things I don’t like that have been trending into what feels like a downward spiral or I can add trying one new medication as a new tool in my toolbox

  • _opaline_


    That it’s safe, tested, and used for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other people everyday. That it has a decent possibility of helping me feel better, so it’s at least worth a shot trying it out and if it doesn’t help, that’s okay, (I always go into it trying to not get my hopes up too high, knowing every medicine has the possibility to not work, which is extremely disappointing when it happens but I want to feel better so I’ll keep trying) and I can try something else if my doctor thinks it may help instead.

  • BobJones3000


    There is a DNA test available to help determine which medications will be best for you. I don’t know a lot about it, but my psychiatrist told me about it. It is covered by insurance in some cases.

  • AuntSquirm



  • CharlieHart


    I also take the generic of Prozac and I am on lamictil. My insomnia and ADD make things way worse though. I also worry that the fluoxetine and lamictil will cause me more exhaustion! These are the best I’ve had for my mood swings. I’ve recently been wondering about the impact on mood swings in relation to ADD. I’m thinking I may have missed something because the dsm definitely allows for rapid mood swings with ADHD.

  • Ellen


    When I first started I told myself that my situation isn't good right now so why not give it a chance. First I felt worse but in the end medication helped me a lot.

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