To my friends with Depression/Bipolar 2 how do you help yourself while in a depressive episode? I have a meeting with a new therapist next week, but I’m struggling to function/get out of bed each day.


Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • fxrest.faxrie


    At this point, literally the only thing keeping mr from staying in bed all day is school and work. But, if you can find things that you genuinely want to look forward to, that could help. Find something that you really like to do and make it a routine. For me, I roller skate and make jewelry so that helps me cope and keeps me from staying in bed all day.

  • SJP


    Set two goals a day, one for self-care of some kind and one for productivity. That's what helps me. I might not get anything done, but I at least have a plan for when I can function.

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