Has there been something that has helped you with your depression or borderline that aren’t med related and isn’t solely dbt?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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  • ac1d


    cannabis is a big one,

  • Nanerinsaner


    Honestly cannabis will sometimes make me anxious so I personally wouldn’t but I would say just straight up talk therapy. Dbt has a bunch of amazing things. Coping skills, meditation, mindfulness, emotional regulation. I wouldn’t just try something 1 time and that’s it. Try it many times till you feel like it’s absolutely no good. And don’t self sabotage yourself and say well I did this once and I don’t like it so I don’t want to try anything else like it…

  • sprite


    i agree with both weed and talk therapy. besides meds and dbt they’re the two things that have helped the most. but like Nanerinsaner said weed can definitely make some people anxious. for me though, it’s one of the only things that makes me happy. and my regular (non-dbt) therapist is a godsend. when you find someone you really click with to do talk therapy with, it can help a lot. and cbt and act aren’t used very much for bpd but can absolutely help with depression and some bpd symptoms. cbt is also a lot more common than dbt so there are a lot of phone apps that will guide you through the process of reframing your thoughts and stuff like that.

  • amiable



  • momentarily_stuck


    I have medical marijuana for chronic pain as well as some mental issues- im finding indica leaning strains dont give anxiety as much if at all and helps calm and sleep. Start small and slow if you do try

  • DoctorStrangeS1mp


    Being open about being borderline and seeing who stays. At least I know who’s real.

  • Kirbalirb


    cannabis, friends, and cats!!! my kitten has genuinely gotten me on such a good routine and helps so much with anxiety and depression

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