Hey I’m Lahna. I’m struggling a lot with being depressed. I’ve never been this depressed for such a long amount of time. I feel like I won’t get out of this.


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  • EmoVampire1337


    I feel the same 😥 feel free to dm me

  • River_cat


    me too- message me if you ever need to talk 💕💕

  • Possumrice


    Hey Lahna! I’ve definitely been in this situation before…it’s a shitty feeling to go through, probably because you may be looking at what you *could be* versus what you are rn. But know there is absolutely a way out of this. While I don’t know your situation, sometimes a deep period of depression comes from the inability to cope, or to reconcile with yourself in a way you hope to. I personally found that more personal and physical interactions with friends helps if possible, or simply finding hobbies to enjoy alone and meditate upon. I hope you feel better and just know that things will, absolutely, get better.

  • jellyforspongebob


    it feels that way to me as well for me finding a good therapist was helpful. i also use incense to calm me because most time i get angry along with my depression

  • butterflylov3r1233


    i totally understand this ❤️ feel free to message me

  • illboy


    I'm a medical student

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