Is it common to lose patience with others then switch into another personality and forget you lost patience with someone?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • damon


    Yes. Switching can oftentimes be a form of escape from stressful situations and unfortunately conflicts like that definitely qualify. For us we really have to keep up system responsibility during those times, because even though it may not be whichever alter that snapped, it can still have hurtful consequences to the other person. Especially if it's a switch where we don't know what was said.

  • RiverDance45


    Thank you I’m still trying to figure out coping mechanisms for personality switches.

  • margaretscarry


    Yes. Switching under stress can cause memory gaps and its completely normal. The only thing you can do is hold your system responsible as a whole and if someone lost patience with someone even if you dont remember just apologize and work thru it. It will all be ok.

  • Kikololo


    yep, totally normal!

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