I have had on and off ovarian pain for a year and a half now and been told by a couple different doctors that I have a couple small cysts. Does anyone else have reoccurring ovarian pain with their cysts that seem to form a pattern? I’ve been tracking my painful days, and they seem to be right before my period, and then again for a few days during ovulation. Also, if you do have pain, do you experience other symptoms?

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  • Betaleonis


    Hopefully it's your powerful ovulation! I hope nothing serious is wrong with you. PCOS? I used to get that painful ovaries but I ignored it. I don't have it anymore. I take very good care of myself. I make my own medicines and everything. I hope it's just your ovulation. Try almond milk. Maybe you have too much estrogen in your body. DO RESEARCH ON ALL FOODS BEVERAGES THAT HAVE ESTROGEN AND CUT OUT THE SYNTHETIC ESTROGENS IN YOUR DIET, INCLUDING MEDICATION (beware of the meds at least) If the problem is the opposite..that you don't have enough estrogen, incorporate & SUBSTITUTE MORE ORGANIC FORMS OF ESTROGEN INTO YOUR DIET.

  • wise


    they're probably not cysts, but one or more dominant follicles. if the pain tracks with your cycle, it's just ovulation. it sucks, but there's not much you can do about it. I had the same issue in my right ovary

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