Hi I’ve had palpitations on and off for two years. Also have bad anxiety. I’ve had heart work ups with many tests and they say my heart is ok and the palpitations are benign, however they are hard to deal with and I get depressed over them. It’s a daily stressful situation. I have good days and I’ve tried everything to narrow it down to stress, food etc. I have found triggers.
Would like information from someone else dealing with the same situation


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  • Kirbear123


    Hello there! I don’t have any information really. But I do deal with the same things you do. I’ve dealt with it for 2 years now and no answers really. I’ve seen two cardiologists and a bunch of other doctors and everyone says I’m fine and my heart is good. I have palpitations and or fast/pounding heart or slower pounding heart rate daily. Some days are really good and I feel some what normal. But most days it’s not. I have found some things that help like more water intake and cutting back on certain foods and doing very light activity. But there’s been nothing that helps permanently. When do you feel your palpitations the most? Mine happen a lot with certain movements ie. Getting up from laying down, turning a certain way and even when singing or yawning. It’s so strange and I just don’t know what else to do either. I hope we find out one day and I hope it’s not cause of anything super serious that the doctors are missing…

  • B.J


    Hi. It’s nice to know what others are going through. Mine seem to be more in the evening. A lot after eating. I think it’s a nerve out of wack going to the heart. I try to stimulate my Vegas nerve by rubbing my ears. Etc. it helps a little. It’s so strange

    • Kirbear123


      hmmm I’ll have to try to that. And yeah that’s what I’ve thought too is maybe a problem my vagus nerve or another nerve but I’m not positive.

  • Coopy


    I’ve been dealing with palpitations constantly for a couple months as well. I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest. It is very stressful. The more stressed and anxious you get about it, the worse it gets. I am premenopausal and don’t know if this is why? I did do some research and came across a chat with people that are dealing with this also. A good portion of them said that they started taking Magnesium Taurate and it helped tremendously and stopped them. I gave it a try and it works great. It is also good for your heart to promote a healthy rhythm.

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