I'm not diagnosed with autism or with being on the spectrum, but I think I may be. My parents don't understand or really believe neurological conditions. If I we're to have it, they would think of it as a barrier. They would see it as something I can grow out of with social experience or pushing myself to exhaustion. I'm seeking a doctor for ADHD evaluation because it runs in my family and my mom's boyfriend who has it is certain I have it like my brother and, possibly, my mother. I was born really early at 7 months and 1 lb so it would be out of the ordinary if something was out of the ordinary with me. My parents are keen on believing I was born with nothing wrong with me and never paid attention to my development from an infant to a teenager. I used to get along better/feel more accepted by my peers on the spectrum or with learning disabilities. I gravitated toward them and we had a lot in common. My curiosity started when my friend Troy suggested I could be autistic but I never really put much thought into it until two years ago. I watched Love On The Spectrum recently and I'm thinking about looking into it because I related to many of the guests with Aspergers and high functioning autism (which I heard is an offensive term). What are any of you guy's experience and struggles with autism (DSM symptoms or otherwise)?

Chronic Headache

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • emperor


    I'm not diagnosed either. I'd say sensitivity to loud noises was a big one. At a very young age I had issues with textures. Certain noises make me want to bite the surface, like with metals and such, it's very irritating. Often I'll get angry on the inside over it. I misread social cues, etc.

    • Brooke2024


      I notice I'm sensitive to just about everything. I had an argument with my mom once coming back from the beach because of her blasting her music and putting in a car freshener. I hid my face and covered my ears (to hide from the smell and sound) while I cried until we got home. I'm still upset she went out of her way to annoy me when she knew I hated those things. On top of that I have astigmatism so where there's light I'm constantly flashed and blinded. The sound I hate most is kissing. It makes me crazy and I breakdown.

      • emperor


        I'm honestly the same. Loud music makes me sob, and the headache from it is absolutely unmatched. Certain noises upset me too, even if they're innocent in nature. I realised I had these symptoms a week or two ago. It's difficult to manage. I'm here if you need it.

  • Gmaster


    I’m in the same boat as you, I’m haven’t been diagnosed yet either. I been telling my parents that I may be on the spectrum, but they ignore me saying I’m perfectly fine. When I was in kindergarten I had a speech delay (I still do) but my doctor said it wasn’t nothing, then I started having sensory problems, social problems, and showed stimulation like rocking back and forth and flapping my hands. I very different to my siblings and they know that, but just doesn’t believe I am different.

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