Hello everyone,
I have suffered from chronic worsening migraines for 2 years now. I am on a decent amount of medications for them, which do not seem to be helping. Have you had any luck with other treatments, or home remedies at all?

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  • Quirce


    I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but I figured that I would share what I do when I get migraines. These aren't really preventative things, but they can help when you are experiencing a migraine. There is the standard OTC pain killer and caffeine combination, as well as being in a dark environment. If you are experiencing photosensitivity, wearing tinted glasses or sunglasses can help. And you can find gel ice pack "migraine caps" that you freeze or refrigerate and it can be mildly relieving, especially because a lot of them are fitted so that there is light pressure being applied. My favorite type is the style that is meant to be pulled over your eyes, because the pressure and coldness is nice. If you get nauseous, I would suggest having Ensure or any other nutrition drink available, or even just an electrolyte mix. I hope that you are able to find something that works for you!

  • Becker87


    I tried all kinds of meds but what worked best for my after 15 years of chronic migraines was changes i made in my life. Things were not good for me an till i fought my fear an got off my butt an fought back to get my life the way i knew i deserved it. The migraines slowly have been disappearing. Emotional an mental health I'm completely convinced play parts in our physical pain at least aggravating them. 🙏

  • SweetTeaTree


    Pinpointing your migraine triggers can be extremely helpful. I found that, while I don’t technically have food allergies, I do get inflammation from certain foods as if I am - thanks MCAS🙄. Milk and wheat are two of my triggers, for example, and they do more than cause me migraines as my gastrointestinal system would tell you if it could. Also, changes in barometric pressure, bright lights, certain fluorescent lighting, specific colors and smells can trigger a migraine for me. Lack of water and sleep as well, but those are obvious. Something else I’ve found helpful is having multiple headache hats at the ready. They’re on Amazon. If you don’t know what a headache hat is, it’s basically a cloth padded ice pack that wraps around your head. I suggest getting the original headache hat. They stay cold the longest.

    • Megatron98


      this is very helpful. I have just recently started keeping track of when I am getting migraines and exactly what is happening when I’m getting them(I.e smells around me, what I am eating when I get them, what the weather is like) I have also noticed that barometric changes really effect them, and certain smells and light I am very sensitive too. I will continue keeping track of this stuff to try to narrow down my specific triggers. Thanks for your reply!

  • Y0g1


    What are all the meds you are on for your migraines? Are you on meds for other different things (I.e. anxiety, depression, etc)?

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