How do I start the process of cleaning my room and keep the motivation?


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  • bunbun64


    What I do is find a video of someone cleaning their room and play it while I clean. For whatever reasons seeing someone clean makes me want to clean.

  • insanely


    I also have a hard time keeping up with things, such as: cleaning my room, laundry, etc... It's so difficult to just do one simple thing. However, yesterday, I cleaned only a little bit of my room with the only energy I had left in me. Then, today, I did a little bit more, and by tomorrow I'll be finished. What I can say is that doing little by little can go a long way until you finally reach your goal. And when you're finished, you'll be satisfied with your work. When it happens again, do the process over and each time will make you feel even better than the last. Don't give up 💜

  • Juliekay


    i like to watch tv while i clean, when commercials are on i clean then i can watch my show. I also set a 5-10 minute timer to just focus on cleaning

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