Hi! My name is Allison. For over two years due to a car accident I have suffered from chronic pain and mild inflammation in my left shoulder, shoulder blade, and neck which radiated to my eye, nose, and dear (all left side). I have memory issues, mild sensitivity to light and my Kraft ear is sensitive to sound. I did a nerve conduction study, several X rays and nothing major is there. Just minor tears. Two years of therapy have yet to work. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to take/do to help? All suggestions appreciated!

Brachial plexus lesions

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    I don't really have solutions. I'm 30 years in this journey. Many issues have manifested over time. Prayer That is my tool. Mine and intercessory. Prayer for me by me, prayer for me by others, prayer for others by me. Listen to my body and just stop when i absolutely can do no more and do the doing when i can to the extent i can. I have an entire list of issues some genetic, some manifestation of surviving trauma. But the Lord allows nothing lest it be used to help another along the Way to Him.

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