Has anyone ever had a smart or natural doctor get to the root cause of the slightly higher blood pressure, so that it can be reversed instead of taking a med for it?

Elevated blood pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension

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  • Patrick777


    First of all, reduce your carbohydrate intake to 25 g a day. And the carbohydrates must be either raw vegetables or only partially cooked vegetables. No sugars or starches including white potatoes or rice or flour or any other starches. Make sure that your proteins come from either red meat or fish that has plenty of its own saturated fats. Always eat steak with the fat on it. Eat fish such as salmon or tuna or mackerel or sardines. You can also eat plenty of bacon if you want to because it cooks in its own animal fat which is saturated fat which is healthy for you, but stay away from trans fats or foods fried in vegetable oil or canola oil. Stay away from all of the seed oils. However, raw organic coconut oil or raw organic avocado oil or real olive oil is healthy. You're allowed to salt your food to taste. That's why they call salt a trace mineral because you're only supposed to have Trace amounts in your body. Always salt your food to taste, but don't put too much on. And use real salt, example, Redman's Real Salt is actually 100% real salt, not this processed garbage you get from other brands. You can also eat plenty of raw cheese and eggs as well as any type of organ meats such as liver or heart.

  • Seahorse


    Hibiscus tea works for some people. I just started drinking this....not sure yet.

  • Musickel


    Actually I found out that my slightly higher blood pressure is from PCOS and so is my higher cholesterol, I hardly eat any carbs, and have a very healthy diet we eat salads big salads every day for lunch with chickpeas or chicken or hard boiled eggs, I have a tiny bit of carbs with my dinner and a tiny bit before bed and that’s it I have to have them before bed because I won’t sleep

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