Possible TMJ: I am experiencing jaw pain and occasional headaches on my temples. I am now experiencing sharp pains on my jaws that last only a few moments and will usually subside when I readjust my bite. It continues to be harder and harder to chew.
Is anyone experiencing these symptoms and if so what type of treatment have you tried?

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  • Laila11


    Most people get TMJD from grinding their teeth at night. In that case, a specially made mout guard usually helps. I have EDS so my neck is curved the wrong way & the only treatment is physical therapy. Sometimes, you actual jaw could be out of whack & either botox or surgery will fix it. You should see a TMJ specialist to see what might be causing your jaw pain. If you’re in NY, I can tell you doctors for all of the above lol took me over 6 years of trial and error. Ice definitely helps! & a good arched pillow when you sleep. Also, make sure you’re watching your posture. Hope this helps you!

    • KJH


      thank you for this information. It is helpful. I wish you could recommend a good TMJ doctor but I am in California. 👌🥰🙌

  • Melady


    Have you been to the dentist to rule out any dental issue? They can also determine if you've been grinding. It can also be other dental issues so it's a good place to start. I have had both. Over the counter bite guards you form to fit your mouth work great and are cheaper alternative to dental bite guards from dentist. Also physical therapy helped me a ton! I leaned exercises and stretching for jaw. Wish we could post video here, I would share. Best of luck Feel better! ❤️

    • YeYo82


      Good evening. Please upload the video. 🙌

  • Laila11


    You can look up Tmj exercises on YouTube too. I do those every once in a while at home when it’s really painful

  • Feather


    Only thing that helps my tmj is a muscle relaxer. I suspect it originated from taking antidepressants. I’ve been struggling with it since I was in my 20’s and I am 51 now. Acupuncture helped as well, but I can’t afford it. A chiropractor may help too.

    • taylorX


      May I ask who prescribed the muscle relaxer? Dentist or GP

  • Laila11


    A week ago, I started sleeping with a rounded pillow right under my neck & got a neck pillow for my car and it helps ease the Tmj pain a little bit. I’m all ears for anyyyything else that may lessen the pain. The migraines from the jaw pain are my biggest issue

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