I was wondering if anyone would be willing to chat with me and share experiences with depersonalization?


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  • fartboy


    i personally have been doing this since i was a kid, and often it was just me feeling like i couldnt actually exist. it also messed w my perception n i didnt recognize my face for years ;-;

  • Cameron_Cameron_000


    Oh yeah, that has been happening to me for years. I look in the mirror and don't know who I'm looking at. Do you like drawing? Whenever my symptoms get worse, u take a picture of myself and draw it with the most detail i can, and it actually really helps!

  • Kal


    // descriptions of depersonalization that may trigger it a lot of my depersonalization comes with me being trans. “is this my name?” “are these the pronouns i like?” even though ive been comfortable in those pronouns and my name for months. i can tell its happening when i look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself.

  • lizzie3


    it was definitely a lot of questioning myself and my existence, a lot of years of looking in the mirror and not knowing who im looking at was scary. writing down questions while in a stable state to go back to remind yourself is a help definitely!

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