Hey everybody… I have PCOS but also binge eating disorder/ disordered eating and I’m trying to find a way to healthfully loose weight. I’m thinking of Noom. Has anyone tried it?


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  • Pepper.rabbit


    For context, I gained weight after being put on abilifi years ago and then tried fad diets due to my mom’s suggestions for a few years. I went to a dietitian specifically for people with eating disorders and she recommended I allow myself my “forbidden foods”- after eating carbs again a gained a ton of weight. I’ve lost about 25 pounds just from being on Metformin and from a few lifestyle changes but I’ve plateaued. I want to be able to get back into rock climbing and I miss my old body. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

  • Prettyfig


    I personally did not like Noom I thought it was very expensive for what it was. You get daily modules that talk and educate about healthy choices etc. I joined for the group potion but I felt my leader person wasn't very engaging and it came off as fake. I did this over a year ago. I also at the time bought the diet and workout plan, but it was very basic and not very tailored.

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