other than meds, what treatments should i try?

Recurrent Syncope

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  • BreezyBaby


    I was told to wear compression socks, eat more salt with my food and drink electrolytes like Gatorade.

    • Momotea


      they told me the exact same thing. Nothing really helps though

      • BreezyBaby


        I feel the same way

  • BreezyBaby


    Adding beet powder to my propel water does actually help. I drink one with every meal or three times a day. It doesn't always help but it lessons the issues enough that I can now actually go to the store without fainting front walking around too much or standing too still in line. Keeps me on my feet instead of fainted on the ground.

  • MammaCookie


    Adding salt and Gatorade isn't enough for most people with these kind of issues. Look into liquid IV or other hydration powders. They have 2x the salt in Gatorade. I drink about one and a half packets throughout the day to keep standing. But that only helps stanima.. not the actually reaction of fainting.

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