Does anyone else experience this thing where you’re in a delusional episode, but you can hide it really well and it doesn’t feel like reality checking?
So like for example I have moments where I think I’m not real, but I can “pretend” to be real and say that I’m real and hear people say I’m real and not feel panicky or bad because in my head I’ve rationalized it with “they wouldn’t understand that I’m not real, it would freak them out to know the truth, so I’m lying right now, for their benefit.”


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  • Skelliosis


    All the time bro, you're not alone in this department 🙏💕

  • Eon


    For sure, we have that all the time. You aren't alone ❤️

  • scarletta


    woah, it’s so comforting to have this described perfectly. i’m here with you and thank you for sharing, it’s very validating because i didn’t understand what this feeling was

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