Does anyone else with narcolepsy feel like psychedelics kind of turns it off for a second? I found that microdosing shrooms really helped and the main thing I notice on acid is just how rested and energized I feel. I’m curious if anyone else has a similar experience

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  • kthedragon


    Yes, it’s weird. I am way more productive and motivated to do work too when I am high

  • SleepyAnya


    Okay so I’m by no means a doctor of any kind and I’m typing this armed only with what I know about narcolepsy as a patient and some light google searching, but here are my thoughts if you want to hear them: Some psychedelics stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain which is what SSRIs do, which are a common treatment option for narcolepsy (usually most effective for cataplexy and not as much for daytime sleepiness though). There’s also some debate as to whether or not psychedelics work by stimulating or depressing the central nervous system (CNS), I imagine it depends on which kind you’re taking; but if it’s working as a stimulant that could definitely explain why you feel more awake. On the other hand, if they act as a CNS depressant (which is what Xyrem does) it could be causing you to get more restful sleep if you’re high while napping, which may alleviate some symptoms when you wake up again.

  • xSkyGemx


    I’m looking into micro dosing. Cuz yes it helps compared to the prescriptions they give. My body got used to it and I went right back to my DTS attacks

  • kittyy


    when i took shrooms yesterday i started falling asleep as per usual though i did drink a lot, so i'm unsure

  • alliillaalli


    I tried acid and I was awake for two days straight with no fatigue or brain fog. I feel lice micro dosing would be miracle drug for narcoleptics tbh

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