What is your experience with feeling like no one understands your obsessive thoughts?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • emperor


    Hm... I spoke to trusted friends. If not that, I justified how there are billions of people on this Earth, trillions of stars combusting somewhere, and only one of me so naturally I'm biased. Stuff like that.

  • gammarays22


    Very few people know I have OCD, so I told very few people. I think those I told don't understand, but they do try. I don't think anyone can truly understand unless they've been there. Unfortunately...

  • MellieB1977


    I have told a few people. No one I have told has been especially surprised. So I guess I was the most surprised by my diagnosis- not those who dealt with my issues. It has opened up communication for me with a few people

  • MissMandaBear


    I haven’t had the experience of no one understanding, more like they don’t take it serious or they think it’s “normal” I feel like I just get invalidated :/

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