I need fellow uterus owners to be mad with me for a moment. Everyone needs to stop saying mood swings can a be a side effect or symptom of this because I get a damn near heart attack all the time. I’m super emotional right now so I think. “Well I’m 11 day from my period and 6 days from ovulating so it could be pms or it could be that I’m pregnant or it could be that I’m experiencing a normal human emotion or it could be my ADHD or my depression or a side effect of the 800 drugs I’m on.” And spiraling because of “mood swings” is so obnoxious.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Loki_Doki


    This is pretty true, but so is that mood swings could be side effects. Some drugs make you a little sadder, or a little more bitchsly.. but all in all.. everything from sex to stupidity to coffee causes mood swings. Not just the bleeding and the drugs.

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