I struggle with extremely high anxiety. I am really wanting medications, but all my family and doctors are telling me that it’s a bad idea. I’ve been going to therapy for years, because that’s the next step if you don’t qualify for medication. I am feeling really lost, because I’ve recently not been able to cope as well, and I’m doing my best, I just feel lost.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Ray2007


    I have been on meds since 2004 and I'm great full for them. Becuz if I didn't have them I would most likely be in a mental hospital or loose my kids. I'm also in therapy as well. Don't be hard on your self when it comes to taking meds. As long as it helps u and be a better person so u can go on in the world I would the meds. There's tons of meds out there that can help. The other thing is u aren't alone with having anxiety. The majority of the population every where suffers from anxiety

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