Hey im jojo and ive been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety since about two weeks ago and i would like to learn ways to help me calm down

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  • Emmie01


    Grounding and sensory activities are really helpful for me! I like to cross my arms across my body and gently tap my shoulders rhythmically. Or I'll go smell some essential oils or something that brings me back to the present. Your senses will be handy during this! I also like to look around and name five things I can see, four things I can feel, thee things I can hear, two things I can smell, and one thing I can taste

  • aries02


    taking adhd meds has been the only thing that’s ever helped my anxiety

  • Nomi


    Sensory input is a big thing for me. Touching my hands or another person, or going outside and touching grass or trees helps bring me back to home base. And exercise. Earlier today I was felt myself spiraling into a panic and did some squats, released some endorphins, and felt better. For me the goal is to put myself in a position to reframe my anxious thoughts. I'm also taking beta blockers as needed with my stimulants to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety and that seems to help. If your anxiety is coming from meds, that could be something to consider.

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